28th August 2014

Again bit late with updating... :) We were quite busy, but just to mention the most important things...


I finished my vetrinary chiropractic course, did international exam as well, so now I am officially a veterinary chiropractor! :)


Kaj will run at AWC in Luxemburg both individual and team, so we are really excited since it is getting close! :)


Both my dogs qualified for EO, so we had the opportunity to run in Hungary! :) Eta got into individual final with a 12th place in agility run, but unfortunately eliminated in the final (jumped next to a jump while i did a blind cross). 

Kaj was a member of an international team (with Alar Kivilo and Tuffy, Marje Piiroja and Susi, Sergio Sousa and Misty) with which we got 2nd place in total after the qualy runs and 8th place in the final. Although Kaj crashed me in the agility run we could still finish it clean and got 23rd place which is quite good from more than 400 dogs, the best ones from all over Europe and more... :) He was also really good in the final.


Here you can see our video :)

6th February 2014

Seminar and judging lists for 2014 are updated!


Our latest trial videos with runs which got us to the podium ;)


FIL, Lisbon Portugal



Vigo, Spain


7th January 2014

Seminar dates are updated! :)

30th December 2013

My homepage got a new shape! :) Enjoy your time on my site and contact me if you are interested in training, seminars or judging! :)

15th January 2013

B.A.C.K. 2013


Our statistics with Kaj: 5 clean runs out of 6 (3 times 3rd, once 5th and 6th place) and sadly a dis in the final what was really ideal for crazy Kaj and RC... but I am super happy about my runs and placements at such a big competition and beating so many big names!!! :) I am really proud on my perfect boy, it was such a cool feeling to run with him this weekend! ♥

With Etu only dis... something didn't work between us this, BUT Etu was also just more than amazing and made me happy in each run!!

Thanks for the organizors for this wonderfull event and hope to see you all soon! :)

29th November

Sorry for being so bad with updates... Really crazy year with some very good and bad things... but at least never boring! :)


Biggest achievements for this year:

Etu reached 'Master of Hungarian Agility' title aaaaand 3rd place at FCI AWC for Hungarian Medium Team!!! with Eta having a super jumping run with 4th best time and clean (after 2 medium BCs :))!!!


Kaj qualified to the final at EO again, unfortunately elimination there, but we enjoyed to run there for sure! :)


And Zsu became FCI agility judge! :) However not all the paperwork is done so for the moment can't judge... but hope to be able to judge soon!!! :)


Hungarian medium team FCI AWC Jumping 3rd place

Hungarian medium team FCI AWC Jumping 3rd place

1st August 2011

I had no time for updating, but now just the most memorable moments from our life...


At the European Open in Bad Hall Kaj won a 3rd place in individual agility run!!! He is just amazing, I am more than happy!!!! :D:D:D:D


We won some run at Dania Cup as well, my little Etu became Danish Jumping Champion! :D